Alchemist’s Lab Slot Fruit Machine

The Alchemist’s Lab is a classic 3-reel fruit machine which doesn’t bring anything new to the table game-play wise, but which offers a uniquely attractive design that will doubtlessly get plenty of Playtech’s slot players hooked.

The Alchemist’s Lab is one of Playtech’s classic fruit machines, featuring a 3-reel structure with a single pay-line. While gameplay-wise, this machine is extremely simple indeed (it features no wild symbols, scatter ones, bonus rounds, multipliers or free spins) it brings a unique design to the table that will no doubt capture the attention of many a fruit machine enthusiast.
The maximum number of coins a player can wager on the pay-line is 3. Players can only bet $1 per coin, so that would make a max betting limit of $3 on every spin. The maximum number of coins players can take down is 10k, which makes a maximum jackpot ceiling of $30k.

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The design of the game is truly outstanding. There are no levers and bet/spin buttons on this baby. There are however vials filled with mysterious neon-colored substances, and a drum which makes up the three reels. They pay-table is displayed in a book behind what appears to be a tray full of burning charcoal.
Players will find the Alchemist’s Lab in pretty much every Playtech-powered online casino. Make sure you take advantage of the exclusive bonus deals we offer.

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