Best pokie machine to play

The truth is that there is no one best pokie machine to play and you should be weary of any one who tells you there is. What there is however is a best poker machine to play for each individual. Each one of us is looking for something different from a game and according to that we can determine which pokie machine is the best for us. In order to do this, look over the following very simple questions:

  1. What’s your bankroll, and how long do you want it to last? Multi-line slots may seem like a great idea, after all the more lines you’re playing the higher your chance of winning, right? Wrong. First of all, all slots are run on a Random Number Generator, so it doesn’t matter how many lines you play at a time you’re not more likely to hit a winner because you’re playing more. Furthermore, in many casinos the payouts for multi-line slots are actually lower than single pay-lines. It’s also important to pay attention to the denomination of the coins, and how many coins you’re playing. Therefore if you have a smaller bankroll that you’d like to last longer the best pokie machine to play for you is low denomination single pay-line machines.
  2. Do you play to win, or for the fun?   If you are playing to win only, then you should definitely check out the payout chart for your particular casino; there is a difference between casinos and how much they pay out, if you’re looking for the result and not the fun, there’s no reason play on lower payout casinos.
  3. Would you prefer a smaller chance of a big jackpot, or a bigger chance of a smaller jackpot?Progressive jackpots are fantastic as they offer hugely increased jackpots, but do they? What they really do is offer the potential for a bigger jackpot, but the chance of winning it are much smaller than winning a regular jackpot. Therefore if you’d prefer the likelihood to win small regularly, than big occasionally, the best pokie machine to play is a non- progressive.