Fruit Machines

Playing online fruit machines in the comfort of one’s home is a great way to get a handy online gambling kick out of a relatively simple and straightforward game. Online fruit machines are a lot like your regular slots, with a few minor, but rather significant differences when it comes to the entertainment value of the game.

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Although in the UK, the term ‘fruit machine’ is used for pretty much every type of spinning-reel slot machine – even the modern video slots apparently – genuine fruit machines are a tad different from the one armed bandits of Las Vegas and many other brick and mortar gambling hotspots all over the world. The humble fruit machine is a lot like classic 3-reel slots, with the difference that it features hold and nudge buttons too in addition to the spin one. This little feature adds an additional dimension to the game, which some claim is a skill-based one. Although it’s quite a long shot, theoretically, it is possible to devise a video-poker-like optimal strategy for each and every fruit machine, but most players don’t bother with it. They simply enjoy the additional choice factor which does indeed make the game more interesting than your square one armed bandit.

Now then, those who are interested in beating the fruit machine have to study if for quite a while. Unlike video poker, which features universally known rules, fruit machines are a tad more difficult to crack, and they can only be figured out through trial and error. Establishing an optimal strategy for these games is no walk in the park either. The house edge on actual live fruit machines is quite steep too – quite possibly in anticipation of smart-guys who will try to play the game optimally. Actual, physical fruit machines will only pay out about 77%. Optimal strategy may not be enough to beat that rather substantial edge. Online fruit machines may pay out as much as 98% though, so the odds there are much more favorable for the players.

That brings us to the question: where can you play these fruit machines online? Most online casinos do have them on offer. Playtech casinos like Winner Casino have quite a selection of them. PartyCasino, Royal Vegas Casino and Europe Casino also offer online fruit machines.


Tropic Reels Slot Fruit Machine

The Tropic Reels fruit machine is a 15-reel multi-spin game with a solid design and a wild symbol tossed in for good measure. The betting range on the game is...

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Funky Monkey Slot Fruit Machine

The Funky Monkey is another classic 3-reel Playtech fruit machine, which features a single pay-line, and no wild or scatter symbols. There aren’t any free spin rounds or special bonus...

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Alchemist’s Lab Slot Fruit Machine

The Alchemist’s Lab is a classic 3-reel fruit machine which doesn’t bring anything new to the table game-play wise, but which offers a uniquely attractive design that will doubtlessly get...

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Sultan’s Fortune Slots Fruit Machine

Sultan’s Fortune is yet another classic 3-reel fruit machine, which features a wild symbol for a change. There are no multipliers, scatter symbols and bonus rounds though. The game is...

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Reel Classic 3 Slot Fruit Machine

The Reel Classic 3 is a basic 3-reel fruit machine, without wild symbols, bonus rounds or other such newfangled features. Players can bet a maximum of 3 coins on the...

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Jungle Boogie Slot Fruit Machine

The Jungle Boogie fruit machine is the epitome of simplicity. It has 3 reels, one pay-line and it has no wild and scatter symbols, no multipliers, no bonus rounds and...

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Ocean Princess Fruit Machine

The Ocean Princess is a rather peculiar fruit machine. It is basically a 3-reeler, but if features an interesting twist: there are no fewer than 5 rows of reels positioned...

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