Funky Monkey Slot Fruit Machine

The Funky Monkey is another classic 3-reel Playtech fruit machine, which features a single pay-line, and no wild or scatter symbols. There aren’t any free spin rounds or special bonus rounds on the Funky Monkey either.

The Funky Monkey is yet another one of Playtech’s basic, classic, 3-reel fruit machines which features a cheeky theme: a monkey/banana/tropical one, which is relaxing and enjoyable and makes the game extremely simple to play. The Funky Monkey features a single pay-line, on which players can bet a maximum of 3 coins. The betting range on a single coin is $0.01-$5 and the maximum possible payout is 2,500 coins. The Funky Monkey features no wild symbols, no scatter ones, no free spins and no bonus rounds.

The game is available in play-money mode too, but some of its features may be amiss when not playing for real money.

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The design of the Funky Monkey fruit machine is as simple as its game-play. There’s a plain screen with a bespectacled monkey, three spinning reels, and a few basic buttons through which players can tweak the amount of their wagers. There’s also a pay-table which makes it easier for players to understand when and why they are winning.

The Funky Monkey can be found in all the Playtech-powered online casinos.

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