Jungle Boogie Slot Fruit Machine

The Jungle Boogie fruit machine is the epitome of simplicity. It has 3 reels, one pay-line and it has no wild and scatter symbols, no multipliers, no bonus rounds and no free spins. Recommended for low and medium stakes fruit machine enthusiasts.

Jungle Boogie is a prime example of a perfect 3-reel slot setup. The game is a non progressive one, featuring 3 reels, a single pay-line and 3 coin levels which allow for a maximum win of $20k. The Jungle Boogie is one of the simplest fruit machines out there. It has no wild symbols, no scatter ones either, no multipliers and no free spin rounds. One really doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to play this baby.
The betting range on a single coin is $0.05 – $5, which means that by betting three coins, players are able to bet $15 on a spin.

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The design of the Jungle Boogie is quite possibly its main strength. The fruit machine is set up in a realistic way, to mimic an actual casino-based game, with two identical fruit machines on both its sides, so it feels like one is playing at a machine from a whole row. The design of the game is a classic fruit machine one, with a virtual lever and all the bells and whistles one may expect.
The bottom line: we recommend this fruit machine to small-to-middle stakes gamblers.

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