Online Slot Games: Variation of Types of Slot Machines

Remember the days when a slot machine was a slot machine and you knew exactly where you stood? Those days have gone, and thank goodness for that. The array of online slot games that are currently available is more impressive than any one could have ever imagined, but it can get confusing. So here’s the lowdown on the most popular online slot games you’ll come across.

Online slots: This is an umbrella term and within it there can be a large variation of types of slots. The online slots can have 3 reels, 5 reels, or even 7 reels, and they can have hundreds of paylines making them a kind of giant cousin of traditional slots.

Video slots: these slots team up with the movies and create a slot game that takes you into the world of the movie. Video slots will have scatter symbols and wild symbols that in the right combination will open bonus games from which free spins and prizes can be won.

Marvel slots: Marvel Slots came about when Cryptologic created online slot games based on Marvel Comic superheroes. Most Marvel slots are 3 or 5 reel and include extra games, jackpots and free spins.

Progressive slots: Progressive slots can be a variety of types of online slot games but what they have in common is that they have a shared jackpot. There will be a number of casinos on a network and all the similar slots in the different casinos will feed into a single jackpot. When you play, a part of every spin you take will go into the progressive jackpot which can then be won by anybody on the network.

Video poker: whilst it doesn’t have the word slot in its title, video poker is essentially a type of online slots game. A knowledge of poker hands is necessary because your aim is to build the best poker hand by holding the cards you want and then spinning. In this way it’s a combination of draw poker and a slot games.