How to play free online slots and slot machines

The opportunity to play free online slots and slot machines is all around you – here are some tips of where to look.

To play free online slots and slot machines sounds counter intuitive when thinking about online casinos and slot sites; after all, don’t they all want to earn money? The truth is that the online casino world is full of opportunities to play free online slots and slot machines; you just need to know how.

The first place to check out the option of free slot machines is a regular pay for play online slot or casino site. Many online casinos will offer customers the option to play for free, in some case you don’t even need to download the software in order to play free casino and slot games, although in this format the whole casino may not be on offer.

Rank Casino Rating Bonus Review
1 Royal Vegas Casino £1200 Review
2 Everest Casino £200 Review
3 bwin casino £200 Review
4 Casino 770 £200 Review
5 AllSlots £500 Review

Some casino sites and slot sites will offer they’re customers a free welcome bonus. This usually happens when the new customer opens an account. The slots site will make a free deposit into the new customers’ account of a few dollars with which they can then play free online slots and slot machines.
If you think that freerolls are only for poker players, you’ve got another thing coming. Freeroll tournaments can be found in many online slot sites, and often for real money prizes.
Now you have a few ideas of how you can play free online slots and slot machines, the question of why an online slot site would offer free play options may be lingering in your mind. The answer is simple. Someone is more likely to go from free play to money play than no play to money play, so by letting you play for free they’re helping you develop your taste for online slots. Secondly, any site would rather have you registered with them, than not; if you’re going to start playing for money you’re more likely to do so in the site you’re already registered in.