Reel Classic 3 Slot Fruit Machine

The Reel Classic 3 is a basic 3-reel fruit machine, without wild symbols, bonus rounds or other such newfangled features. Players can bet a maximum of 3 coins on the single pay-line, and they can take down a jackpot of $25k.

Most 3-reel fruit machines try to make up for the often overly simplistic action they offer through a fancy name. This in obviously not the case for Reel Classic 3, the creators of which (Playtech) settled for quite a lackluster name indeed. The game is an utterly simple 3-reel fruit machine, featuring a single pay-line and no intricacies tied to scatter and wild symbols, free spins and special bonus rounds. The game is pretty much a ‘what you see is what you get’ product.

Players can wager 3 coins and the betting range on a coin is $0.05-$5, which means the most one can wager on a spin on this fruit machine is $15.

The maximum jackpot that one can take down (by playing maximum coins and betting as much as possible of course), is $25k (which amounts to the equivalent of 5k coins).

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The design of the Reel Classic 3 is as classic as they come: the layout is that of a classic fruit machine, flanked by two identical machines on both sides. The game comes complete with a lever and the bet, spin and bet max buttons. Those interested in taking this game for a spin will find it at pretty much every Playtech-powered online casino.

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