Slots Online for Real Money

Whether you’re a newbie or veteran in the online casino world, you’re sure to have some questions about slots online for real money. Here’s your guide to some of the most common questions asked.

Where can you play slots online for real money?
Most online casinos offer at least a few online slot games, whilst dedicated online slot sites will offer an extensive range of online slot games. Slots online for real money can be slots of 3, 5 or sometimes even 7 reels, various numbers of pay-lines, and with bets of various numbers of coins and denominations. Different software manufacturers have different slots, and therefore not all casinos carry all slots.

Rank Casino Rating Bonus Review
1 Royal Vegas Casino £1200 Review
2 Everest Casino £200 Review
3 bwin casino £200 Review
4 Casino 770 £200 Review
5 AllSlots £500 Review

How much does it cost to play slots online?
The cost of playing slots online for real money completely depends on you. For starters there are places where you can play online slots for free and earn real money such as freerolls, or using free slot bonuses. If you are playing for money with money however there is still a huge scope of cost. There are machines that take 1c and machines that take several dollars. What’s important to remember is that most machines will have different options for the number of coins you wish to bet on each spin, and the number of pay-lines you wish to play on each spin. As such it can cost just a few cents or it could cost tens of dollars for each spin of an online real money slot machine.

Can you play free slots online for real money?
Yes you can. Many sites offer their customers freeroll slot tournaments or deposit free bonuses; these can often be found at real money sites and the play is for real money winnings.

Where do slot jackpots come from?
In most cases the jackpot of any particular slot machine comes from money that has been played before and not won, however not all the money that goes in comes out. The casino will always keep a percentage of the money that’s paid in, but in general it’s a very small percentage. Progressive slot machines are a little different. On a progressive slot, a piece of every bet from many machines, is put aside for the collective progressive jackpot.