Tropic Reels Slot Fruit Machine

The Tropic Reels fruit machine is a 15-reel multi-spin game with a solid design and a wild symbol tossed in for good measure. The betting range on the game is simply astonishing. It features 5 rows of 3 reels stacked one on top of the other

The Tropic Reels is a Playtech fruit machine featuring 15 reels. There are basically 5 sets of 3 reels positioned one above the other. The game features a wild symbol and it offers a maximum jackpot of $62.5k.

Players can wager a maximum of 5 coins per pay-line, which makes a maximum bet of 25 coins on a spin. The betting range spans the $0.05-$5 gap for every coin, which means that one can wager as much as $125 on a spin.

The game doesn’t feature a progressive jackpot and it has no multipliers, scatter symbols, special bonus rounds or free spins.

The theme of the Tropic Reels is a wildlife one, featuring symbols like colorful parrots, fruits, frogs and flowers.

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The Tropic Reels layout/design is a pretty spectacular one. It basically mimics a real fruit machine, with colorful pay-tables and the usual set of control buttons. Unlike on some of the other fruit machines we’ve reviewed, players have the possibility to hold the reels of their choice in Tropic Reels, a feature which ads a skill-tinted dimension to the game. Look for the Tropic Reels fruit machines in the various Playtech casinos.

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